As we mentioned in our blog post about the Home Decor Trends to watch in 2017, Hygge (pronounced "hew-gah") is a trend to watch. Even more than we expected, this trend is catching on fast! We have been seeing posts from some of our favorite publications talking about hygge. So today we would like to give you a little insight on bringing this phenomenal Danish concept into your home and into your life. We have pulled together all the best tips from around the world and around the web.

Here are 10 ways to bring hygge into your life:

1. Double down on pillows and blankets. 
?Beautifully soft faux fur and warm knitted blankets are some of the best hygge-inspired upgrades you can make. Period. Amara has a great selection of high-quality choices.

2. Light up your candles.
?A good mixture of scented and unscented should do the trick. Aim for a maximum of one or two complementary scents in a single room. And feel free to mix up different scents for different rooms; this can add an additional layer of warm personality to your home.

3. Embrace warm, easy-to-make food. 
?Hygge lends a sense of well-being. If you're rushing around trying to make the perfect, delicious, warm food, that is not hygge. Think along the lines of chili and stew. Something easy, warm, and delicious. Hello, slow cooker recipes on Pinterest.

4. Drink warm, indulgent beverages. 
?Think hot cocoa made with fine chocolate. To really get into the spirit of hygge, drink it from a chic Danish mug. Try out this recipe from Pinterest.

5. Speaking of food and hot cocoa, cookies are a sure-fire way of bringing in that hygge sense of comfort. ?
What's better than warm cookies and hot cocoa? Bring some milk into the mix if that's more your style. Whatever makes you feel best.

6. Incorporate wood, earth tones, and plants into your home decor. ?
The Danish people are very in tune with nature and love incorporating its look and feel into life. When we embrace hygge, we embrace the Danish way of life.

7. Take a walk in nature. 
?Again, Danes love nature. If it's cold out, bundle up before your walk. If possible, bring something warm to drink and a friend or two. Make sure to take your time enjoying nature.

8. Buy a pair of cashmere slippers. ?
And wear them around the house all winter long. It's hard to embrace hygge when your toes are freezing. Your toasty warm feet will thank you.

9. Keep it simple. 
?One of the keys to mastering hygge is to not overthink it. Small changes here and there go a long way for making your life better, and a whole lot more hygge.

10. Remember that hygge is not just for winter. 
?It is the Danish way of life. Even more than just home decor and the types of foods we eat, it is about creating an environment that nourishes a sense of well-being. It is about being together with loved ones. And it is about living the best life we can.

Now we are all ready to embrace our new favorite Danish concept and bring more well-being into our lives.?Time to get cozy!

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