4 Easy Tips to Upgrade Your Home's Style

Picture Above: 2000 East Oceanfront, listed by Kim Bibb.

We are given ample opportunity to fall in love with the latest home fashions, compliments of the large variety of home improvement TV shows, magazines, catalogs, and showrooms. The problem is that not every style and home fashion works with every home. Sometimes that oversized comfy couch just doesn’t go with the living room, and that beautiful dining room set seemed so much larger online. No one wants that to happen.

So, we have put together four easy tips to avoid the most common pitfalls that occur while designing a space.

It’s not just the couch.

While there may be a focal point, or a major piece to consider in the room, it is important to consider the entire space and how all the elements in the space might work together. A well-designed room takes into account the size and shape of the space and uses it to bring in art, flowers, or decorative pillows to bring it together. When combined, these elements can create an emotional connection and response in the atmosphere of the room.

Will you love it tomorrow?

It’s always fun to experiment with patterns and colors, but trends and tastes change. That bright orange-striped wallpaper you have your eye on now might not be in style a year, or even a few months from now. Accessory pieces and accents to complement the season are a great addition to any well-designed room. The key here is to think long-term by using timeless styles and colors to provide that beautiful, flexible canvas.

Is it to scale?

Scale, when used correctly, can amplify the size of even a small room. For example, when placing rugs, the rule is to have the legs of all the nearby furniture touch the rug, creating a cohesive and elegant design. Placing a two-seat sofa in a smaller room works well, whereas a large L-shaped sectional might be better for a larger room. The important thing to consider here is to match smaller and larger pieces with their respectively sized spaces.

Shop around.

A general rule of thumb to mix things up is to avoid buying too many items from one store. You want your space to have a unique, personal feel to it. So avoid making it look like a showroom by drawing inspiration from several sources, taking your favorites from each and combining them to create your own look.

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