As we mentioned in our piece about Home Decor Trends in 2017 (read it again here), indoor greenery is still a strong and growing trend in 2017. In that article, we mentioned one in particular: the Pothos. Which is included in this list, as a low-maintenance example of indoor greenery. Our friends over at Decoist outlined their top 5 low maintenance houseplants, and we are here to agree with their sentiments about that selection. And the best part is, you don't even need a green thumb to successfully grow these plants.

?Perfect for low-light environments, this hardy little plant is great for filling out empty spaces with a burst of green life! Naturally growing over the edges, it is even well-suited to being placed high up, such as on a shelf, to add extra dimensions to your space.

Despite what the name might suggest, these plants require a little more than just air to survive. Namely, water, and bright, indirect sunlight. But they do not require soil to survive. This characteristic alone makes them ideal for displaying in a huge variety of containers--think terrariums and the coolest bowls you have! Air plants are a great way to display different types of containers, while showing off your beautiful greenery.

?The many varieties of Chinese Evergreen share a few common features: long, full, pointed leaves. And their origin, as well as scientific classification, of course. But as with any family, there is a lot of possible variation. For these plants, that variation comes mostly in the form of the range of patterns and tones their leaves display. Generally, a green-on-green pattern will be well-suited to even the most low-maintenance of environments, including sporadic watering, and low-to-moderate indirect sunlight. These pack a lot of healthy greenery for your home into easy to care for little plants.

?The "ZZ Plant," short for Zamioculas Zamifolia (try saying that five times fast) thrives even in environments of neglect. It needs watering only about once a week, and can survive in a variety of different lighting environments. This one is sure to add a healthy dose of greenery, with very little in the way of personal time investment.

?While not technically classified in the fern family, this fern-like plant is part of the asparagus family. It belongs to the side of the family that doesn't produce the asparagus spear stalks that we all associate with the word. These plants have lace-like leaves that very closely resemble ferns--hence the name. They also can survive for a surprisingly long time without being watered, and with only intermittent sunlight.

Consider one (or more) of these plants when planning your 2017 New Year home refresh.?Also, check out the original article from DecoistHardy Houseplants That Double as Low-Maintenance Decor. ?Happy house-planting!

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