Summer is basically here, and with it comes one of our favorite events of the year: vacation.

Perhaps the best part about vacationing (besides being away from the office) is just having a change of pace from your every day, and being in a completely different environment, with a totally different look from your own home. Maybe your vacation this year consists of a Caribbean escape, or an Italian villa with vineyards and Italian countryside as far as the eye can see. Maybe a Greek cliffside, with whitewashed walls, blue doors, and an infinite pool in Santorini, overlooking the Mediterranean is on your agenda for this year. Whatever your vacation plans and dreams, there are ways to bring parts of it home with you.

Here are some tips for bringing your luxury vacation experience home:


Nearly every exotic vacation spot has its own traditional textiles and ways of creating various decoration items. These usually include rugs, wall hangings, fabrics, curtains, and other interior items. An easy way to bring your vacation experience home is to pick up a particularly unique piece and bring it home with you. Feel free to use it as the focal point of a room. Bonus points if it can double as a conversation starter.


Something you may have noticed in your travels is that most luxury destinations embraced simplicity and minimalism. Even if there is a bold or loud focal point for a space, it is very well balanced by the minimalism of the rest of the decor. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that there is an easily understandable hierarchy, as you do not want multiple pieces competing for attention. And remember, there’s nothing wrong with some bright, open space.


This is another trend that has been emerging in recent years, in both home design and luxury resorts: the shift from synthetic materials to using more natural textures, such as lighter-colored woods, which lends a more rustic chic type of look.


Feel free to use this color liberally throughout your home. White walls, white cushions, white curtains, and white accents are all in right now. The pristine color, when contrasted with statement textures, natural woods, open spaces, and other minimal design mainstays, creates an airy, ultra-luxurious feel that is bound to remind you and any guests of their favorite luxury resort.

Even with all of these tips, if there’s something on your vacation that absolutely stands out among the rest of the trip and you just have to have it, just find a way to incorporate it into your home. After all, it’s your vacation and your home, so your enjoyment of it is what matters most.

Happy vacationing!


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