Welcome, 2017! We're glad you could join us.

Now that the new year has arrived, we can get started with looking at the up-and-coming home decor trends for this year.??

As our friends over at House Beautiful pointed out, Pinterest released their Pinterest 100 for 2017 list. This list gives us insight into what types of pins have gained the most traction. According to Pinterest, "Our insights team dug through a ton of data from the past year to identify the top emerging trends on Pinterest. And the results are just too good to keep to ourselves. Here is the Pinterest 100, our official trend report for 2017."

Here are the top 10 Home Decor Trends, according to Pinterest:

You're going to see navy come up a lot more in interior designs. From sofas and bedspreads to kitchen cabinets and bathroom accents.??

Stay ahead of this trend: With some new upholstery for your living space or new kitchen colors with navy cabinets.

2. HYGGE. (One of our favorites on the list.)?
Popularity for this Danish concept, pronounced "hew-gah," has increased 285% in 2016The New Yorker calls this trend "The Danish Obsession with Getting Cozy."

And it takes cozy to a whole new level, as the word itself is defined as "a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being," which has no direct English translation. And while "cozy" is the closest word we have, it doesn't quite capture the overall feeling. 2017 looks like a promising year for learning Denmark's tricks for surviving long, cold winters in Scandinavia.??

Stay ahead of this trend: By cozying up under a soft, warm blanket. Upgrade your throws, light a few candles, grab something warm to drink, and hunker down until the groundhog declares that spring is coming.

?Metal accent pieces have always been "in," and 2017 seems to love copper. Some say that copper is the new gold this year.

??Stay ahead of this trend: Try putting up some copper lighting fixtures, picking up a copper terrarium, or just picking up a few copper kitchen utensils to spice up the kitchen.

Being 2017, you might not expect wallpaper to be on the list, but interestingly enough, it's been making a strong comeback as higher quality and modern designs are taking over in that market too. Combine that with the fact that marble has always been seen as a beautiful design material. And you get super luxe high-quality marble wallpapers. These marble wallpapers blend the wallpaper trend with the traditionalism of marble into a beautifully modern look and can do a ton for any space that might need a refresh.

??Stay ahead of this trend: Check out some different options and design inspiration on Pinterest.

This trend is minimalist to the max. One of the biggest sub-trends within this acrylic trend is "frameless floating art." This technique uses acrylic "frames" to showcase wall art. The trend doesn't stop there, though. You'll be seeing things all the way from "frameless" art to see-through coffee tables, wall clocks, and beyond.??

Stay ahead of this trend: With a DIY frameless floating art tutorial, from Pneumatic Addict.

Pinterest saves for this trend have climbed 260% since September - we're thinking we should really keep an eye on this trend!?As many of us know, greenery is a great way to freshen and liven up any living space. The use of indoor vines is a space efficient and beautiful way to do exactly that.??

Stay ahead of this trend: Try a climbing plant like pothos, and check out other inspiration on Pinterest.

?Say hello, rustic chic. This is another example of how the rustic chic design trend is making its case. Adding a little rustic reclaimed wood tile is a solid way to incorporate this quickly-rising trend into the modern look of your home. ??
Stay ahead of this trend: Check out some inspiration from Pinterest.

Aka, Heated Floors. Less of a decor trend and more of a lifestyle trend, it has multiple benefits. The first and most obvious is keeping your toes nice and toasty in the cold months (or even just cold mornings year round). The second is that these systems can often heat entire rooms using less energy than traditional heating methods. So having warm feet could actually save some cha-ching!??

Stay ahead of this trend: Keep your toes warm and bills down, with heated floors.

Remember what we said about rustic chic earlier? Here it is again! This particular genre of rustic chic has been popularized by Chip and Joanna Gaines' designs in their HGTV show Fixer Upper. Based on the popularity of the show, we would say this is likely to continue being on-trend through 2017, with no signs of slowing.??

Stay ahead of this trend: Check out some designs here.

Minimalism strikes again, with modern nightstands.??

Stay ahead of this trend: All you need is a simple, modern nightstand in a natural material and finish. As with anything, Pinterest has some DIY options.

There you have it! Now you're all set to tackle 2017 with a fresh perspective, inspiration, and knowledge of what to expect this year.

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