Home Decor Trends for 2018

Now that the new year has arrived, it is time to take a look at the year ahead and decide which trends we will pick up and which ones we will pass on. Interior designers are already putting out their predictions for the year on what they expect to see emerging and retiring in 2018.

We are here to provide another approach. Relying on data from Pinterest’s platform, where millions of users have pinned, or saved, their favorite things—from food and fitness to clothing and home decor— we have what Pinterest deems as the top 10 home decor trends for 2018.

Resort-Inspired Style

Even if life doesn’t always allow us to escape to a tropical island, everybody is dreaming of resort life. Spa-inspired bathrooms and rattan furniture bring that relaxed feeling of vacation home, for a everyday enjoyment.

Saves for “spa bathrooms” were up 269%.

The Magic of Metallics

House Beautiful calls it “looking at our stainless steel kitchens through rose-gold glasses — or something like that.” Pinterest says, “Metals mesh with any color palette, but to really amp up a space, mix different finishes together.” We think mixed metals are definitely a go.

Saves for “mixed metals” were up 423%.

Hello, Terrazzo

While bell-bottoms and disco may not quite be back, according to Pinterest “the forgotten flooring of the '70s is brightening up ceilings, entryways and everything in between”

Saves for “terrazzo” were up 316%.

The Fifth Wall

You might say that 2018 is “looking up.” Whether with paint, wallpaper, or intricate textures, you might want to consider giving your ceiling a little more attention with a statement ceiling.

Saves for “statement ceilings” were up 310%.

Beautiful to the Bone

Bone inlaid tiles take an ordinary piece from mediocre to marvelous with a bit of geometric design drama. A bold pattern, useful especially for maximalist statement pieces within a minimalist space.

Saves for “bone inlay” were up 207%.

Herringbone, Everywhere

Pinterest says, “Wall tiles and flooring in shades of grey, or with a herringbone pattern, are versatile, add dimension and make any space more modern.” From wood to ceramic tile and family room to the bathroom, herringbone is making a play for the top trends in 2018.

Saves for “herringbone patterns” were up 131%.

Statement Doors

As we mentioned in our blog post, Timeless Designs that Outlive Trends, bold front doors generally give a big boost to curb appeal, and are curb appeal is always in style. And according to Pinterest, “a colorfully painted front door, or friendly message on a mat, is the new way to welcome guests.” 2018 looks like a good year for bold front doors.

Saves for “colorful doors” were up 121%.

Patterned Plants

Greenery in the home as a decor piece has been a big trend for years. The flavor of this year is vibrantly-patterned, low-maintenance greenery. For some more inspiration, check out our blog post, 5 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants.

Saves for “patterned plants” were up 533%.

Wall Art is a Big Deal

Literally, big art. Based on the statistics, blank walls might be on their way out in 2018, making way for large posters, works of art, and photography prints.

Saves for “big wall art” were up 637%.

Sage Advice

This soft shade of green is joining the ranks of taupe and other non-traditional colors in the 2018-approved neutral palette.

Saves for “sage” were up 170%.

Now that we know what will be the top trends in 2018, use these as a starting point of inspiration for your home’s style. And if you’re looking to sell your home this year, implementing these trends could boost your home’s value to the right buyer. Though, if you are looking for value-boosting tips, your best bet is to talk to a real estate agent who specializes in your area. A specialist will know exactly what features buyers are looking for in your neighborhood.

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