Now that 2017 has officially begun, it's time to start planning out the most important part of any year: Vacations! Looking to put another stamp on your passport? Some of these may have already been on your map of potential destinations, others may not. Either way, these trips are worthy of being on any travel lover's bucket list. 

Check out the five premier luxury travel destinations for 2017, according to Forbes.


Feeling adventurous? Travel to Tanzania! And not just anywhere in Tanzania, but to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, about 45 minutes from the Ngorongoro Crater. This area is especially lush. It's full of all kinds of exotic wildlife, features spectacular scenery and pristine islands. This region also boasts beautiful volcanic mountain peaks, including Mount Kilimanjaro, some of the highest biodiversity in the world, and even offers a classic safari experience. Take a look at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority's website for more information on places to go and things to see.

Looking for a place to stay? Check out: Asilia Highlands


Pronounced "say-SHELLS" (similar to sea shells), this archipelago destination in the Indian Ocean, exhibits exotic flora and fauna, including the lush rainforests, the Aldabra giant tortoises, flying fox fruit bats, and the rare Seychelles magpie-robin birds. Definitely a good spot for a traveler who loves exotic plants and wildlife. Another differentiating feature of Seychelles is their granitic center islands and dramatically water-sculpted rock outcroppings among breathtaking beautiful beaches. Curious? Take a look at the Official Seychelles Destination website's image gallery. What a beautiful, exotic place!

Looking for a place to stay? Check out: Crystal Cruises' Crystal Espirit


Have you ever been to Japan? Apparently, it's an up-and-coming skiing and snowboarding destination, booking out a year in advance. Japan boasts a rich culture, steeped in tradition and ritual, and a roaring urban scene. This all comes down to the streets pulsing with activity throughout the vast cityscapes in Tokyo, serene temples lending a tranquil experience in Kyoto, and gourmet local cuisine that is crafted to be a masterpiece and a treat to all your senses, no matter where in Japan you go. For information on some of the top experiences in Japan, check out Lonely Planet's piece on traveling to Japan.

Looking for a place to stay? Check out: Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho. And Suiran Hotel Kyoto.


A nature lover's paradise, Peru ranks fourth in the world for biodiversity. Featuring lush rainforests and fertile highlands with abundant species of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and orchids. And Peru doesn't lack in the way of archeological intrigue with the historic Machu Picchu and Cusco both nearby the beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas. Lonely Planet also has a good piece on what to do while exploring and experiencing all the wonders of Peru. Read it here.

Looking for a place to stay? Check out: Inkaterra


Sloughing off the old clichés of hash bars and seedy red light districts, Amsterdam is experiencing a modern renaissance as a top cultural destination. With history dating back to 1275, acclaimed art museums, fashion-forward shopping, and a thriving culinary scene, Amsterdam has been nicknamed the "Venice of the North." This also has to do with the webwork of interlocking canals that create a romantic ambiance. For a quick guide on important things to know, things to do, and places to visit while in Amsterdam, take a look at Travel and Leisure's Amsterdam Travel Guide

Looking for a place to stay? Check out: The Conservatorium

2017 is looking like a great year for luxury travel. These five spots are definitely going on our travel wish list.

See the article in Forbes, Five Top Luxury Travel Destinations For 2017 for more details on the five destinations and each one's recommended places to stay! Happy traveling!

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