Luxury Travel Trends for 2018

Now that January is almost over, 2018 is officially underway. And with that, it’s also time to see what’s in store for luxury travelers this year. We have compiled the top list of luxury travel trends from sources at Forbes, Virtuoso, and more. Some of these trends may have already been on your map, but others might take you by surprise.

Cold is becoming hot

Seasoned travelers are looking for something outside of the norm. With this, many are setting their sights on chillier climates. Iceland is continuing its surge in popularity, placing number two on Virtuoso’s latest travel report. Cruisers are enthusiastic about Alaska, and adventure-seekers are getting excited about Antarctica and the Arctic. One trip of a lifetime mentioned by Virtuoso’s expert advisors: seeing the Northern Lights.

Exploring new destinations

This is the year’s top trip motivator, and travelers are embracing the opportunity to push beyond their comfort zone. Expert advisors from Virtuoso recommend visiting at least one new place per year, and to challenge themselves to try something new and unexpected during their journey: swim with marine life in the Mediterranean, go zip-lining through a forest, or take a helicopter tour. This is guaranteed to make your trip an unforgettable one.

Connecting with family

Multigenerational travel first topped the list of trends in 2010 and has since firmly established itself as a recurring travel trend. Following close behind is traveling with immediate family, also a consistent trend that will continue going forward. Whether this includes renting an Italian villa in the Tuscan countryside for a celebration with loved ones, cruising to the Galapagos Islands, or snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, a family trip creates lifelong memories, strengthens family bonds, and plays a pivotal role in childhood education.

Experiencing Africa

From culturally rich South Africa, one of 2018’s top destinations, to the adventure of Botswana and Kenya, and to the souks (a bazaar or marketplace) of Morocco, Africa boasts one of the world’s most diverse continents. And it has the varied destinations to prove it! A safari is an excellent way to get the African experience, particularly with wildlife preservation a priority for today’s sustainability-minded travelers.

Being a traveler rather than a tourist

The key here is to connect with immersive experiences that aren’t found in a guidebook or brochure. Experiencing life in the place you are visiting is the best way to connect with a different way of life, and with it, a new perspective. Taking the opportunity to meet locals, wander neighborhoods, and make spontaneous discoveries will broaden your experience and stay with you long after returning home. Whether it is wine tasting, learning a traditional craft, or picking up on a new language, travelers will be seeking out the true culture of the area they are visiting.

Above all, the desire for genuine human connection is powering this generation of travel. It’s all about the experience, exploring new destinations, and personal enrichment. So this year, go somewhere new, do an activity outside of your comfort zone, and immerse yourself in the culture of the land you are visiting. Happy traveling!

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