Make These Chocolate Soufflés for Dessert on Valentine's Day

Featured photo credit: Alex Lau, Bon Appetit

Make these delicious chocolate soufflés for someone special on Valentine’s Day. Or treat yourself on a random Wednesday. Your choice.

Not only can this impressive steakhouse dessert be made at home, but it definitely should. With this easy-to-follow-recipe, it only takes six ingredients plus a little patience. But before we direct you over to the recipe, here are a few pro-tips to make your soufflés not only delicious, but easy and Instagram-worthy:

1. These soufflés cook in the oven at 400 degrees. To ensure the best outer shell, preheat the oven to 425 degrees, and reduce to 400 right as you’re putting them in.

2. Use the highest quality chocolate you can find. This is the main flavor here, so definitely worth splurging a little on.

3. Use upward strokes when buttering the ramekins to encourage soufflés to rise to their highest potential. Follow buttering with a coat of sugar.

4. Overfill the ramekins a little bit, then scrape off the excess batter into the bowl (use a spatula, bench scraper, or the back of a knife), and then run your thumb around the outside of the ramekin to get clean, straight, Instagram-worthy edges when it rises.

5. Sprinkle a little sugar on top to give it a little crunch.

6. Instead of slaving over some made-from-scratch crème anglaise for topping, drizzle some melted vanilla ice cream. For the best texture, check the carton’s ingredient label and choose a brand that is free of stabilizers.

Now that you are equipped with our pro tips for success, get the recipe from Bon Appetit: Bittersweet Chocolate Souffles 

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