Neighborhood Knowledge: Jon Flagg

Featured photo by: Brett Hillyard

As a long-time Lido Isle resident and one of the area’s top real estate agents, Villa partner Jon Flagg is undeniably an expert in this exclusive waterfront community. Not only has Jon lived on Lido for 16 years, but he spent the 10 years prior as the head tennis instructor, which he says gave him a terrific perspective of the island and its residents.

We asked Jon to share some of his favorite local spots and what makes this Newport Beach neighborhood such a special place to live.

What are some favorite activities of Lido Isle residents?
Sailing, boating, tennis and enjoying the casual but active lifestyle of being surrounded by the bay and beach.

Do you have any favorite restaurants or shops in the area?
I love The Dock and Lido Bottle Works.

What is the best part about living in this community?
It is such a down-to-earth, casual lifestyle on Lido. Even though there are some very successful people, everyone is extremely low-key and easy-going. It’s a friendly, endearing community.

Do you have any local insider knowledge you can share with us?
Some of the things that people who don’t live on Lido are unaware of are that there is a delicious snack bar that is open all summer. Although we are located very close to the beach, there are not traffic issues on the island – you almost have to be lost to end up on Lido Isle. Additionally, your access to everything is literally within walking distance; whether it is grabbing a cup of coffee, getting a great dinner or going shopping, it is all so convenient yet there’s nothing commercial on Lido Isle, so it has a great, community feel. There are a number of clubs from the Yacht Club to the Tennis Club to a Men’s Club, Women’s Club and a club for young mothers and their small children.

If you’re not showing homes, how do you like to spend your weekends? What does a typical weekend look like?
I usually get up early, ride my bike for a few hours, take a paddle around the bay and am ready to report to duty by 11:30am.

What makes living on Lido so special?
In addition to being such a laid-back, island lifestyle, the fact that everything is so easily accessible, yet the island doesn’t suffer from having any commercial traffic or short-term rental issues. Residents really don’t understand how special it is to live here until they do actually live here. There are many residents who have owned multiple properties, and most don’t leave. Those that do leave, typically come back. There are few places like it in which to reside. 

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