Pantone Announces Color of the Year

At the beginning of the new year, Pantone announced Classic Blue as its new “Color of the Year.” This twenty-year-old tradition has generated not only tremendous interest, but has also imposed quite an influence, affecting most of our daily lives, here in the United States. Pantone has done a solid job at introducing themselves to a variety of industries such as fashion, interior design, graphic design, and more, and now plays an important role when determining many companies’ trends each year.

The annual color selection consists of an extensive analysis process where factors such as trend forecast and color psychology come into play. The institute’s findings highlight the colors surrounding the average person as well as how these colors persuade our minds. The Pantone Color Institute then makes its decision and partners with powerful institutions to leverage the use of the new color.

Along with the presentation of the featured hue comes a description of the Pantone Institute's conclusions in association with it. Their deep analysis of Classic Blue revealed it to have a soothing and alleviating effect on our brains. Pantone compares it to the image of the sky at dusk, encouraging this feeling of peace within. Their conclusions further explain that we gravitate towards colors such as this that ease our minds, in order to balance the ever-changing, technological surroundings we’re expected to keep up with.

Keep your eye out for Classic Blue hitting the streets year-round!

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