Memorial Day was just this past weekend! That marks the unofficial start of Summer and brings with it a season of getting together with friends and family for barbeques, beach parties, and brunches. And the beautiful climate of Coastal Orange County is perfect for these types of events. Are you prepared? If not, you will be soon. We have compiled a list of tips and things you can do to prepare your home for hosting any of the season’s choice of get-togethers.

Check out these tips to prepare your home for an awesome summer party:

These are an easy way to bring the comfort of inside to your outdoor party. For one, they literally bring comfort by providing cushion and can provide back support when paired with a bench or other patio seat. And second, they are small and relatively inexpensive, which makes them ideal for updating as trends move along.

As with a lot of other design trends, the synthetic look is out, and the more natural look is in. Wood is a major player in implementing this design. Materials like rattan and teak are ideal for more rustic spaces and themes. And solid teak ages very well outdoors, acquiring a weathered-gray look over time.

This summer, color trends include soft hues like maui blue and ivory. Throw in a touch of coral and sand for a classic beach chic color palette.

Having cozy benches outside also brings the indoor comfort outdoors. It makes the patio a true extension of the interior, adding comfortable seating around the tables. It is also likely to encourage guests to linger a little longer and keep the good party vibes going.

Create a little ambiance as the sun starts to go down with some string lights. These are less for actual light and more for decoration. Pair the string lights with some hanging lanterns and greenery to give the patio a "garden oasis" type of feel.

Speaking of hanging lanterns, these can really add a lot in terms of both decor and light. Specifically, some good gas hanging lanterns will do a great job of lighting the space, as well as providing a tropical island resort feel.

Summer party equals fresh and fruity summer cocktails. And they deserve a dedicated station filled-to-the-brim with colorful, tasty supplies to keep the party going. Whip up a mojito, mai tai, or a Peachy Champagne Spritzer at the well-stocked bar area. This is a necessity for an island or beach-themed party.

This could go hand-in-hand with the amped up bar. Some people like to have an outdoor kitchen that is specifically for outdoor entertaining. But for those whose space won't allow that (or don't have time to get it done), an extra-wide window—like this one—might do the trick instead, to create a unique indoor/outdoor dining space.

Perfect for entertaining later into the evening, when it finally starts to cool down, a fire pit provides a great way to bring guests together to warm up, make s'mores, and enjoy each other's company.

A summer classic. It's hard to go wrong with well-placed tiki torches for a Hawaiian Luau. Use these for perimeters for lining a pathway in classic island style.

Who knows, maybe after a few of these tips, you'll want to plan a staycation this year. Your home might also become the go-to party house for the summer. Which, in our opinion, is not a bad thing. Time to enjoy hot summer days by the pool, and warm summer nights with s'mores.

Happy summer time!


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