Featured Image: 35767 Beach Road, Dana Point. Co-listed by Steve High and Tami MacDonald.

When done right, the coffee table can be a beautiful, inspiring focal point of your living room. To help you out, we have compiled a few tips and principles you can follow when decorating your living room coffee table.


One of the greatest things to consider is the space your coffee table will be occupying. If you have a small space, you might want to go with a smaller one; a small, round coffee table can go a long way in a small space. On the other hand, if you have a large space and you want to fill it out, 2 coffee tables that either match or complement each other might serve you well. No matter your situation, consider your space and keep it to scale.


If the room already has a theme, then make sure to stick with that theme when styling the coffee table, but don’t be afraid to make it a complementary contrast to the theme. Monochromatic theme? Try streamlining the coffee table with it, but add some flowers or other greenery to add that iconic “splash of color.” Beach Chic is a popular theme in coastal Orange County. Does that describe your room? Stick with it, and maybe add a statement piece of coral, or a “message in a bottle” for a fun touch. Whatever your theme, make sure your coffee table stays on track and complements it.


Most interior designers will tell you one good rule to follow would be to start highest in the middle and work your way out (and lower) from there. Starting with a floral arrangement, an interesting piece of pottery, or a sculpture, then building out from there with thing such as art books and candles.


Nothing can clutter a surface quite as quickly or easily as a large collection of small knick-knacks. On the other end of the spectrum, displaying only large items can appear heavy and cumbersome. To keep your coffee table balanced in style, vary the scale of items, both large and small. Also, embrace the minimalist mindset by keeping it simple and leaving some empty space on the table as “breathing room” for the table’s decor.


For a timeless touch, add some greenery. If you don’t want the fragrance of flowers or the upkeep involved, opt for a low maintenance terrarium or some potted succulents, both of which require very little attention, add a great touch, and can act as the centerpiece of your arrangement. If you really want to go minimalist, simply use one (or a few) of these items as your entire decor.


This works best if you have a large coffee table. If you do, why not designate a tray for a select stash of your prettiest barware and favorite cocktail necessities?


By refreshing the decor on your coffee table, it keeps the design from getting stale, will keep you excited about it, and will keep your creativity going. As a bonus, a lively coffee table whose design is regularly updated will likely always remain a piece that inspires conversation, and isn’t that what we want to happen in the living room?

For some visual inspiration of coffee table decor, check out Elle Decor’s 20 Best Ways to Style a Coffee Table in Your Living Room. Happy decorating!


Featured Image: 35767 Beach Road, Dana Point

20 Best Ways to Style a Coffee Table in Your Living Room