While the majority of coastal Orange County homebuyers continue to come from within our region, a significant – and growing – percentage of sales can be attributed to international buyers, who are drawn to our area for its world-class lifestyle, exceptional residential properties, and year-round Mediterranean climate.

Recent statistics reinforce the importance of international buyers across the U.S.:

According to Forbes, international buyers spent approximately $83 billion on U.S. homes in 2012—that accounts for nearly nine percent of the entire domestic residential real estate market.

The California Association of Realtors attributed nearly six percent of the state’s residential real estate transactions in 2012 to foreign investors.

With approximately 63 percent of international buyers paying cash for homes, the real estate market is seeing a dramatic increase in international transactions year over year from March 2012 – March 2013. ?(RIS Media).

According to the recently released National Association of REALTORS® 2013 Profile of International Home Buying Activitysurvey – of the five countries with the most foreign buyers, Canada, China (PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan), Mexico, Indian, and the UK – California is among the most desired locations for home purchases. In particular, Chinese buyers – who ranked the highest median purchase price – identified Los Angeles and Irvine as their preferred areas for home purchases.

Villa Real Estate is seeing this significant impact of international buyers in our market, with a high percentage of these buyers interested in purchasing premier homes in our area’s most exclusive enclaves, including the Pelicans in Newport Coast, Crystal Cove, Shady Canyon, and landmark waterfront and oceanfront properties.

To seize these international buyers for our clients, Villa Real Estate has developed the region’s most far-reaching and strategic international marketing campaigns for its clients’ homes. Beyond placing your home on a website or two and checking the international marketing “box” as many of our competitors do, Villa Real Estate has researched and identified the top 25 foreign markets who are transacting in our region and has partnered with the top luxury residential real estate websites serving those markets. Villa Real Estate also deploys comprehensive Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns on China’s leading real estate search engines.

And, through our market-exclusive partnership with the highly selective Who's Who In Luxury Real Estate network and its website,, Villa Real Estate agents are part of an international affiliation of leading luxury real estate professionals spanning more than 85 countries. This partnership provides Villa Real Estate agents with access to a database of international real estate agents and foreign individuals of high net-worth.

These strategies represent just a portion of Villa Real Estate’s comprehensive international marketing efforts. To learn more, please contact Villa Real Estate at 949.698.1313, [email protected].

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