Villa Real Estate is thrilled to welcome Kelly Perkins. 

There is an exceptional reason Kelly Perkins is known as the “HEARTest” working real estate agent along California’s Golden Coast, and it’s not just due to her unparalleled dedication and passion for the homes and people she represents. As a well-respected and successful Realtor, with experience in the industry dating back to the mid 80’s, Kelly is equally celebrated as the first heart recipient to summit some of the most renowned mountains around the world. This distinctive combination of hard work and perseverance provides her clients with a unique perspective when navigating the often-challenging obstacles associated with each transaction. Kelly’s know-how, joyful approach and intimate familiarity of the often hard-to-understand eclectic properties that dot the coast make her an outstanding representative.

Kelly’s dependable communication, honesty and insatiable desire to network and perform at the highest level are just some of the characteristics that represent the cornerstone of her work ethic. Keeping a pulse on the fast-changing and dynamic market as well as comprehensive resources within the financial, construction and local government spheres has made her an invaluable asset to her clients.

The scope of Kelly’s fiduciary relationships ranges from high net worth individuals seeking to discretely buy or sell the ideal residence or vacation property, to families simply looking for representation to accommodate their life-changing needs. From field trips for buyers to strategic marketing programs for sellers, “Kelly prides herself on making each journey an informative and rewarding adventure, with the goal of exceeding her clients’ expectations and earning the opportunity to serve them again in the future.”

As a world traveler, Kelly has a keen interest and appreciation for people from all cultures and all countries. Of all places, she is proud to call Laguna Beach her home and delights in sharing her real estate knowledge, local insight and passion for living in this little jewel of a region. And, if you did not guess… her heart is in this 100 percent! 

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